Radical RyderOur little dude, #radicalryder, just turned one and has brought more joy into our lives then my wife and I could've ever imagined. And, as I'm sure every new parent feels, this has also been one of the most stressful years of our lives. There are a million ways a baby can stress parents out. But today I'm just going to talk about one point of stress that pre-parents couldn't anticipate... the
diaper bag. 
Over and over again this phrase about the keys, phone, binky and other items was repeated, screamed, yelled, and on most desperate days, cried. Somehow we lost just about everything we put in that dark abyss of a black-hole diaper bag. We tried getting new diaper bags but we quickly realized what the problem was... every diaper bag on the market was too big and had way too many pockets than we needed or wanted.
About two years ago my wife and I bought minimalist wallets and have absolutely fallen in love with them. The smaller size forces us to stop carrying around all the punch cards, loyalty cards, and fun bucks we never actually use. Stripping our wallets down to what we needed made everything easier to find and lightened the load a bit. 
We knew if we applied this same mentality to our diaper bag, we could seriously reduce some daily stress in our lives. So we went out to look for a minimalist diaper bag and lo and behold... couldn't find one anywhere. Every bag out there was big enough to supply all of Angelina Jolie's adopted babies for a day, and had "cute" designs that just screamed I'm a mommy. 
It's not that we didn't want people to know we were parents (I think the little human next to us was a dead giveaway anyways), but we just wanted to look and feel good when we went out (even if we were covered in baby vomit). 
So we set out to make the world's first minimalist diaper bag. We wanted it to be small, simple and sexy. It has room for everything you need, and nothing more. 
small diaper bag backpack
The main compartment has five pockets (including an insulated bottle pocket) so you don't have too many options to look for random items. Two pockets are shallow, so whatever you put in can be easily taken out. 
Two tight side pockets hold your keys and phone so you can grab them without taking the backpack off. There is a tablet pocket in back and a small compartment in front for your items. 
And that is it. Simple. Minimal. Frustration-Free. 
minimalist diaper bag backpack
If you constantly lose your items in your diaper bag, and want to up your sexy, check out

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