Why Every Mom Should Love the New Year

Let me start off by saying, WE DID IT! We got past Christmas! The dreaded holiday that we all love, but loathe because of all the work and preparation. Yes it was hard, and yes we are all tired, but can we all agree by saying those late nights wrapping gifts and long days waiting in lines at Target were totally worth it to see the most excited and sweet smiles on our beautiful kid's faces! 

I'm sure many of us can say it has been a long year full of ups and downs. We probably had moments where we felt like we completely failed as a mom and others where we were completely amazed at all we do. We all probably tried to feed our kids more organic food and failed. Or tried to make homemade breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day and failed at that too. Well, guess what?! It's about to be a brand new year, so we need to forget all the things we "failed" at as mothers and start new!


Starting a new year is like wiping the slate clean as a mom. You can create new goals and start new traditions that you have always wanted to do for your family. You can finally start weekly family game night or have dinner at the dinner table every night (that's my goal).  And guess what...if you don't do it, there's always next year! That's the beauty of motherhood! We do what we can and strive to be the best we can and no one can do it better than us. 

Let's stop dwelling on the things we do wrong and start looking ahead at the things we want to do right. We need to start acting on the things we want to change instead of reminiscing about everything that went wrong that day. Once we change our mindset, and like the new year, start fresh, being a mom will be so much more enjoyable. 

So once that countdown starts (let's be honest, we will all be sleeping because we're moms), forget all of those mistakes you made and fails that keep bothering you and look ahead. Look forward to the new goals you set as a mother and follow through. Welcome 2018 with excitement and I promise it will be an exciting year! 


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