What's A Diaper Bag Essential?

Here at Ryla, we like to pack our diaper bag with only essentials. The thing is, those essentials change with the age of your little one. What I pack for my 1-year-old is very different than what someone would pack for a newborn.

We have had a lot of questions on what we consider an essential item to be. We decided to make a list of all the things we moms carry in our Rylapack and what we think is necessary. Something not on the lists below are our new PomPoms. Let's just say for us, this diaper bag accessory is necessary!

Diaper Bag

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Newborn Diaper Bag
A newborn needs a lot more things than a toddler. These diaper bag essentials are all necessary for a day out. This is the closest we get to "overpacking" as moms. Your baby bag will be packed full, but there is nothing on this list that will be ignored!

  1. diapers
  2. wipes
  3. hand sanitizer
  4. changing pad
  5. 2 changes of clothes
  6. wet bag
  7. bottle & formula (depending on how you feed your baby)
  8. binky
  9. burp rag
  10. Nose Frida or suction bulb
  11. snacks (for you)
  12. butt cream
  13. blanket/swaddle
  14. nursing cover (depending if you nurse)


1-year-old Diaper Bag
Your little one is now more independent and you know exactly what they need. Things like swaddles and binkies are no longer needed. You can switch the bottles and nursing cover for snacks and your stylish diaper bag will be ready to go.

  1. diapers 
  2. wipes
  3. hand sanitizer
  4. 1 change of clothes
  5. water bottle
  6. snacks (for you and the baby)
  7. toys
  8. Children's Tylenol (teething)


Toddler Diaper Bag
A toddler may be a lot more to handle, but your diaper bag won't be! Less is more with a toddler so don't overpack! You only need a few things to get through the day, don't make it any harder than it needs to be.

  1. diapers 
  2. wipes
  3. hand sanitizer
  4. water bottle
  5. snacks (for you and your little one)
  6. toys 




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