What Type of Diaper Bag Packer are You?

Every mom packs their diaper bag differently. We learn and adapt as we become more and more accustomed to our little one. The way we pack our baby bag says a lot about the kind of moms we are. We have come to see that there are three different kinds of mommy packers which are the "over-packer", the "I had no idea this was in there", and the "minimalist" mom. Let me explain.

The "over-packer" is the mom that packs everything and anything she can think of! This mom is super prepared and will always have extra of everything. You would think there is no downside to overpacking, but there is! You have to carry around a massive, heavy diaper bag all day that is probably not very organized. It's not organized because most of the big diaper bags are usually pocketless black holes that swallow up all your diaper bag essentials! If you're this mom, maybe think about leaving the lotion and extra blanket at home!

The "I had no idea this was in there" mom doesn't know what is in her diaper bag, let alone knows the last time she cleaned out her diaper bag. She most likely finds candy wrappers, toys and binkies at the bottom of her bag daily and doesn't keep her bag organized. She always has the diaper bag accessories and essentials and restocks those, but she also loses things in her bag often. This makes for a terrible situation when she asks her hubby to find something in the diaper bag when the baby is screaming. This is the most common type of packer we see. 

The "minimalist" is the mom that knows what to pack and when to pack it. 
This is the mom who knows how much of what she will need for her day and prepares just for that. She sees no reason to make the diaper bag heavier by adding items her baby does not need. Her baby bag is organized (because it's not full of unnecessary items), which makes finding the binky in the middle of a tantrum a breeze. This is the type of packer we should all strive to be. And don't forget you can still have a stylish diaper bag if you are a minimalist mama!

In focus groups and surveys we have conducted, we see that most moms start off as an over-packer and with time they become more and more minimalist because they realize what their baby needs. So go look in your diaper bag and let us know which one you are. And while you're there, maybe throw away some leftover snacks while you're at it! ;)

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