What to Pack in your Hospital Bag for the Baby

First off, congratulations on your little bundle of joy. There is nothing better than adding a little one to your family and being a mom. Now, your due date is coming up and it's time to pack your hospital bag for the baby. Whether your a first-time mom or a veteran baby maker, you know there are necessities you will need to bring for him or her. What first-time moms might not know is that you really don't need to bring that many things for the baby. We provided a list of everything you will want to bring in your hospital bag so you will be prepared. 


1. RYLA Bag
Ryla bag

We obviously recommend using our RYLA bag as your hospital bag for the baby. It will pack everything you need and double as your diaper bag. It also has organized pockets, so when you're yelling at your husband to find the binky, he will know exactly where it is. 

2. Binky

MAM binky
The hospital does provide pacifiers, but if your baby is anything like mine, they won't like that kind. I recommend buying a pack of MAM's newborn binkies. They are much lighter and easier to suck on. This will give you a back-up in case your babe has a hard time with the one the hospital provides. 

3. Swaddle/Blanket
little unicorn swaddle
If you plan on swaddling your babe, make sure to bring at least two with you. Accidents happen, and you don't want to have to use a dirty swaddle. Also, bring a soft blanket too. You will love to wrap your baby up in it while feeding him or her. 

4. Outfit to Go Home
carters set
Leaving the hospital is such a fun experience. You will surely be taking pictures of your baby in their car seat for the first time and at home. You will want a cute set that will keep your little one comfortable and warm. Find something you love because that memory will last forever!

5. Onesies
carters onesies
While you're staying at the hospital, they provide a white onesie for your baby. I recommend bringing at least two more from home that you have as backups or if you just want them in something cuter. It also helps to bring socks, a beanie to keep their head warm, and mittens to keep them from scratching their face. 

6. Lotion
tubby todd lotion
I cannot stress how upset I was when I didn't bring this my first time around. Your little one's skin will be very dry, especially after they give them their first bath. Bring sensitive baby lotion that you can lather your little one in. You won't regret it and you will love the baby smell as your getting all those newborn snuggles. 

7. Diapers & Wipes

Honest company diapers and wipes
The hospital will be fully stocked with diapers and wipes (that I highly recommend taking when you leave). I only say bring them if you have a certain kind you want to use or if you have a long drive home. 

8. Nipple Shield 
nipple shield
This one is optional but highly recommended, especially if you plan on breastfeeding. Now my hospital provided one for me, but I hear not all hospitals do. Sometimes things don't go as planned and your baby has a hard time latching. It doesn't hurt to have this packed away to give your baby help with getting the nutrients they need. 

9. Car Seat
Now I know you can't pack this in the diaper bag, but this is just as important as the items above. In case you didn't know, the hospital will NOT let you go home unless you have a suitable car seat for the baby. It is important to install it safely and know how to buckle your babe because they will check! Also, if you are reusing one, make sure it hasn't expired!



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