Top 5 Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Valentine's Day is filled with high expectations. A lot of people spend the day with unmet expectations, how heartbreaking is that? Think about it, men have all this pressure to plan a beautiful day full of surprises and sometimes they are great and sometimes they're not. We want everyone to have the perfect Valentine's Day they deserve. This is why we have put together 5 different ideas that are foolproof and will make you swoon on that special day. Check them out below!

1. Night Under the Stars

night under stars
This date idea is so easy, yet so romantic. This will work best if you have a bigger car or truck. Make your significant other's favorite dinner and dessert. Put that in a picnic basket. Drive somewhere secluded where you can see the stars. Set up an air mattress or put the seats down and have pillows and blankets in the back seat. Talk the night away and enjoy each other's company. The night will end well and your heart will be full. 

2. Scavenger Hunt

scavenger hunt
This classic idea is for someone who is good at planning. Send your significant other on a search for you. Give them hints at some of your favorite places and leave gifts at each stop. It will be fun and exciting and keep your adrenaline rushing. You two will have no problem keeping your hands off each other when you finally reunite. 

3. A Night in a Hotel

There is nothing more romantic than spending the night at a nice hotel in a beautiful room with no kids and no responsibilities. Order room service and wear comfy robes all night while you relax and enjoy the time alone. If you can splurge on a suite with a hot tub, it will be the best thing you ever did!

4. Spa for Two

Woman love to be pampered. This date idea is perfect if you want to pamper your significant other but don't physically want to do it yourself. You two can enjoy a relaxing massage together while talking about your next vacation. There is nothing better than planning future adventures while being rubbed down from head to toe!

5. Swimming Love

night swimming

Want a sexy night? Why not go for a little dip in a pool. Or hot tub, lake, pond... whatever you got! There's nothing more adventurous than going for a night swim with your loved one and making out in the dark. Who might lead to something you can check off your bucket list!

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