Top 10 Controversial Baby Topics Every Mom Faces

baby playing with toyBecoming a mom is exciting, scary, overwhelming and stressful all at the same time. You are trying to figure out how to be a good parent and raise your kids the way you want too. What you don’t realize is that many people will try and tell you how to raise your children. You will get a lot of advice, wanted or not, and it can get overwhelming. So for you moms out there, especially first-time moms,  we created a list of controversial topics in the mom world that we think you need to be aware of.

We’re not trying to take a stance on anything. We just want to give you things to think about around each topic, so you can form your own opinion. Let’s be honest you have enough to worry about as a mom, you don’t need to worry about the endless opinions of everyone else. Each topic has the main questions every mom needs to prepare for, so as you read them think of a response and form your own position. A little research will never hurt you either, so we included some articles for each topic. Good luck mama and happy researching!

    This is a big issue mamas seem to form strong opinions on. I found that I really didn’t have the answer to this question until I was in the situation, but here are some questions to think about. Should I let my baby cry when putting her to sleep? If not, how can I teach her to self soothe? How long should I let her cry? What age is the best to start letting my baby cry it out? How long should I try it if it’s not working? Check out these articles for more information.
    The way you put your baby to sleep seems to really get people riled up. What it comes down too is safety for you and the baby. So ask yourself these questions. Should I let my baby sleep in my room? Should she sleep in bed with me? A bassinet? A crib? In a different room? Can I put a blanket in with her? Is swaddling bad? How long do I swaddle for? Read these articles if you need more info. 
    There’s a saying going around that “fed is best” instead of “breast is best.” What do you think? Should you at least try to breastfeed? How do you know if the baby is getting milk and how much milk? Your baby isn’t latching and losing too much weight, should I supplement? I don’t have enough milk should I just switch to formula? If I breastfeed how long should I do it? Should I try and pump? Can I pump and breastfeed? There are so many different ways to feed your baby, check out these articles if you need help deciding what to do.
    FOR Formula: 
    FOR Breastfeeding:
    The pacifier seems to be an issue from beginning of use to end, if you even choose to use one. Here are some questions you should ask yourself. How early should I give one to my baby? Does it affect my baby’s latch? Will my baby become attached? How do I take it away? Will my baby sleep better if I do? What habit is worse thumb-sucking or a pacifier? Read this article for pros and cons of giving your baby a pacifier.  
    Who would’ve thought that vaccinations would be such a huge issue, but it is, if not one of the biggest. So are vaccinations necessary? What are the side effects? Should I delay my baby's vaccinations? (Meaning don’t get them at the recommended time and space them out) What happens if I choose not to vaccinate? You can research this topic for hours, so here's a good article that weighs the pros and cons of vaccines.
    Believe it or not a lot of people don’t always follow what their pediatrician says. There is a lot of different research out there that helps you make this decision. So when do I start my baby on solids? How do I know if my baby is ready? Should I try rice cereal? Does rice cereal have any type of benefits? Should I buy baby purees or make them? Should I do everything organic? Check out these articles for more info. 
    This has to do with the way you face your car seat. The law is different in every state, so this is when research comes into play. The big controversy is when to switch your baby to forward-facing? When is it safe to use a convertible carseat? Check out these two articles to become more educated on this topic. 
    Everyone is going to have their own story and experience from childbirth. Sometimes it seems like for every good story there are 5 bad stories. Just know your experience will be unlike anyone else. You are going to have to make decisions of they way you want your birth to go and sometimes you will have to be okay with sudden changes. Here are some questions you need to have answers to. Should I get an epidural? What dangers does it bring my baby? Can I handle a natural birth? Should I take birthing classes? Should I be induced if I’m past my due date? What happens if my body doesn’t progress after being induced? Should I plan for a c-section? What type of recovery does each choice have? Read these two articles if you need help making this decision. 
    This is a choice every mom has to make and for a lot of women it is a hard decision, mostly when it involves siblings and mother-in-laws. You will have to choose and break the news to everyone. So what are the benefits of having your mother-in-law in the room? Are you comfortable with everyone in there to see the birth of your baby? What happens if I tell someone no? Will their feelings be hurt and will it cause problems in the family? You don't need anymore stress, so do what you feel is right and if you need help check out this article.  

    Congrats you’re having a boy! Now you have to decide whether or not to circumcise him. You should know what the purpose is? How it affects your baby? What special cleaning is involved if you decide not too? How do they do it? It's starting to be more and more common to choose not to do it, so check out this article to see the pros and cons before you make a decision.

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