All moms go through the long and tiring process of finding the perfect diaper bag. First time moms have it worst because they have no experience with one yet! I remember researching and researching for the best diaper bag out there and getting so confused and frustrated at the results. In reality, everyone has the perfect diaper bag for them, and you just have to find the perfect diaper bag for you.

You have to consider the size, style, color, design and quality of the bag before you choose the perfect diaper bag for you. Let me break it down so you know exactly what to consider while looking.


Do you want a big bag or small bag?
The trend right now is to get a HUGE diaper bag so you pack everything and anything you might need. The key word there is "might." Moms overpack their diaper bags and end up carrying around 50lbs of clothes, lotions, blankets, wipes, and more. Imagine trying to find the binky in that mess! I tried one of these bags and absolutely hated it. If you are the type of mom that likes to be prepared and find things fast, opt for a smaller sized bag that still allows you to pack the essentials and keeps things organized and easy to find. 

What color?
Finding the perfect color is specific to your style. But while looking for a diaper bag it is important to consider other aspects like will this color look good year round? Or how dirty will my diaper bag get and will this color show it or hide it? I started off thinking I will take really good care of my diaper bag and it will never get dirty... don't be like me...if you think your diaper bag isn't going to get dirty, you're sadly mistaken!  A nice neutral tone is always a good go-to. Black, browns, and greys are all the trend. Make sure you pick one that goes with your wardrobe and can look good every season! 

Backpack or tote/crossbody?
For me this was the easiest decision, but for most people it's the hardest. I knew right away that the backpack style was for me. I have used long-strap bags and they just swing back and forth and always get in the way while I'm putting my baby in her carseat or getting in the car. Totes are even more frustrating. They only leave you with one hand making holding your baby that much harder. I knew being hands-free was the only way to go. A backpack allowed me to do anything and everything while still carrying all the essentials. For a while, diaper backpacks were not stylish so you had to sacrifice the look for the efficiency. Not anymore. With the Rylapack, you get both. A stylish and easy diaper bag all moms should consider. 

How many pockets?
Every diaper bag needs to have pockets. Too many pockets = losing things constantly. If you have ever yelled at your husband to grab the binky and he can't find it because its hidden in a pocket at the bottom of the bag, your bag has too many pockets. Finding a diaper bag with just the right amount of pockets is easy. Look for a bag that has pockets assigned for certain things, like a binky pocket and a bottle pocket. With the pockets assigned, you (and your husband) will know exactly where everything is supposed to go and you will never overpack or lose anything again.

Can I afford to spend a little money or should I get something a little cheaper? 
So you probably had a baby shower and someone probably gave you a diaper bag, so you think "sweet now I don't have to buy one." This goes through just about everyone's mind and it even happened to me. I even registered for the bag I got and thought I loved it only to find out it wasn't for me. So now what do you do? Diaper bags can range from $20-300. Do you want a cheap one that gets you through baby #1 or one that you can use for all your kids but have to spend more money on. A diaper bag is an investment, so if you're going to spend the money on one, make sure it's a quality bag. Not all expensive diaper bags last the longest, so read reviews and make sure you're getting one that is made to last. 

I of course ended up going with the Rylapack. It has been the most functional diaper backpack I have used. I never lose something in the bag and it has been a great investment. This is the perfect diaper bag for me, so make sure you find the perfect diaper bag for you. 

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