The New Ryla Ready Pack

Our new bag is finally available for pre-orders!! The pre-order price is $40 OFF MSRP!!!!! 

Now many of you have been asking what the differences are between the RYLA Playback ( the old bag) and the Ryla Ready Pack (the new bag). Here they are:

bag photos

1. New Color
We are officially discontinuing our Mountain Gray to make room for our new light gray. We have no more Mountain Gray in stock and will not be making any more as of now. Our Beach Beige bag (Playback) is still available to order.

2. New Material
We have changed the material of our bag from a 100% faux leather to a 100% vegan leather. This new material is still wipeable and water-resistant. The old material had a "crisscross" texture whereas this new material is smooth, more durable, and imitates real leather. This material allows the bag to still keep its shape but is not as stiff.

3. Additional Inside Pocket
We have added an elastic pocket on the inside panel of the bag for an easier and more convenient way to pack your bag.

4. Extended Back Pocket
We moved up the handle of the bag so we could make the zipper pocket bigger and easier to use on the back. It is still lined with felt and against your back while wearing the bag, making it the safest pocket for your valuables.

5. Additional Piping & Lining
We added additional piping to the back of the bag to help it keep its form better while packed and unpacked. We also added more lining to the bottom and front panels so the bag will stand easier on its own and make it smoother to open the main compartment. This does not make the bag stiffer but allows the bag to maintain perfect form while still being easily accessible.

6. New Zipper Color
We changed the color of the zipper from yellow gold to real gold giving it a classier and all around better look. The zippers are still YKK, the best zipper on the market, allowing the bag to zip with ease while on-the-go. 




All pre-orders will be shipped in August. Let us know what you think of the changes!

xoxo, the RYLA Fam 😍

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