With the hundreds of diaper bags on the market, it is so easy to get overwhelmed. Trying to figure out which style is right for you should be the first step you take. I’m here to inform you about a style that many moms don’t consider, or don’t even know about. The diaper backpack is the new diaper bag style that is solving many mom problems the classic tote diaper bag brings.


diaper bag tote

A tote seems to be the most well-known style out there that most women have. As you all know, it usually requires your hands to hold. A lot of these totes do have the long strap attachment to convert it into a crossbody bag.

This strap usually hangs out of your bag or is stuffed into the blag cluttering it, even more, when you aren’t using it. When you wear it across your body, you would think you are now hands-free except whenever you bend over or lean to the side the bag goes with you, getting in the way and falling off your shoulder. There is nothing more frustrating than holding a screaming baby and having your diaper bag get in the way of comforting your little one. 

This style of diaper bag is usually HUMONGOUS too. You can fit things you need for a week in there, which means you usually overpack. Also, the tote usually comes with pockets, that have pockets that have pockets, and you can never find what you want when you need it. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to carry a huge bag that swallows your things and is also really heavy!

One good thing about the tote is that you do not have to take it off to find what you want. Since the bag is either in your hands or across your body you do have easy access to your things, so I guess you always have that to look forward too!



The diaper backpack is the new holy grail of diaper bags, especially the RYLA diaper backpack. It solves just about every problem I mentioned the tote has.

I highly recommend getting a diaper backpack with padded straps, your shoulders will thank you later! Especially if you like to “wear” your little one in a wrap or carrier, you can also wear your backpack without having to worry about it falling off.

Since I had a crossbody bag before, I realized every time I would put my baby in her car seat it would fall off or get in the way and it was so frustrating. The diaper backpack solves that little problem and makes that transition much easier.

Many moms overpack their diaper bag, which is largely due to the size. Do you really need 3 blankets, 5 toys, 5 extra sets of clothes and 3 swaddles if you are just going grocery shopping?

I highly recommend getting a small diaper backpack, like the RYLA pack, that has a few pockets designated for the necessities. It is so much lighter and easier to find what you need when you need it.

You are probably thinking that you have to take it off to get things inside and that is inconvenient. Yes, that is true, but most backpacks have pockets on the side that make it easy to just reach back and grab simple things like your phone or burp cloth. Put those go-to items where you can get them the quickest, and you will not even sweat that you have to take it off. 

The diaper backpack is THE style to get. Would you rather have to chase your toddler in the mall with a backpack lightly on your shoulders or a tote in your hands? The choice is yours!

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