The Best Stylish Diaper Bag

Once upon a time, the baby industry thought moms didn't care about fashion. They produced diaper bags that lacked quality, lacked usability, and most of all lacked style. These baby bags screamed, "look at me, I'm a mom and I don't care how I look anymore."

These diaper bags were usually a tote that came big and bulky making it hard to handle with a baby. Only recently did companies start making these baby bags into satchel and backpack forms. This has helped simplify motherhood by allowing moms to be hands-free, but companies are still missing the most important part, style.

Let me start by saying this, just because you're a mom, does not mean you have to look like it. It seems that because we're moms, people think we should have messy hair, spit up on our shirt and of course, mom jeans. We don't have to sacrifice style because we have a baby.

All these diaper bags on the market with Winnie the Pooh prints and train designs are not made for moms. As a mom with simple style, that's what I want my bag to be. Crazy prints are what I expect a baby blanket to have, and if you're like me, you think that's where they should stay. 

At Ryla, we have made is a diaper backpack that doesn't scream "I'm a mom!" A stylish diaper bag that looks as sleek and trendy as the person wearing it. It's functional and easy to use. It comes equipped with all the diaper bag essentials, like a changing pad and insulated pockets. It is made for moms because it is used by moms, nothing more and nothing less. 


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