Quarantine Crafts

Hey mama!! 

It's probably day 1,000 of the quarantine and you are running out of movies to keep watching with you kids so we thought we would share some fun crafts that you can do with your kids!

  • One of our favorites ever is Color Happy from Rad and Happy! HOURS of coloring for all ages and just $5 a month!
  • Sharpies and Alcohol on tile make some amazing and fun designs! Just draw with your sharpie and then drip or spray it with alcohol to create a really fun and unique tile!
  • Grab some painters tape and a canvas or piece of cardboard! With the painters tape tape off sections of the cardboard and let your little one paint or finger paint on it and once it's dry take off the painters tape and you're left with a stained glass feeling piece of art!
  • DIY Bouncey Balls!!
  • Have a little girl with lots of clip in bows?? Grab an old frame and some ribbon and make a bow hanger! Paint your frame and add some ribbon going up and down where the glass should be and DONE! A super easy display for all her bows!
  • Make a sensory calm down bottle! Grab an empty waterbottle and fill with 3/4 warm water. Add in beads, craft gems, glitter, sequins, or anything else you like! Then fill the bottle with clear soap and move the bottle around to make sure you like how it looks. Then super glue the lid closed!
  • Create a paper chain for something to look forward to! Even my husband loves a good paper chain when we are leaving for a trip, waiting for a birthday, waiting for a visitor, or even just looking forward to a new movie being released!
  • So I don't know if this is *technically* a craft but LEGO. Lego are your best friend (and that wasn't a typo, the plural of LEGO is actually LEGO!!) anywho, if you have an older kid get them a slightly larger lego set and if you have a younger child, DUPLO are amazing! They even make some that float in the bath!!
  • Make a giant gingerbread man! Get a piece of cardboard or craft paper and trace your child and let them go wild! Let them create a masterpiece!
  • Create a popsicle stick puzzle! Stick some popsicle sticks together and draw an image and then let your child try to organize the sticks right!

Here are 10 small ideas that will hopefully buy you some time and sanity!












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