Why not have a diaper bag that can be used multiple different ways? With the Vauva pack you can have just that. Now obviously when the bag was created, it was designed to be a diaper bag. Since we sold our first bag, we have had people tell us their interest in the bag for uses other than a diaper bag. While being out on the town we've had many people approach us wanting to know where we got our bag, and when we tell them, they're shocked to find out it's a diaper bag. So here are a few fun alternative ways you can use our bag! 

Camera Bag
diaper bag with cameraThis has been the most popular alternative way to use our bag. The insulated bottle pocket is perfect for an extra lense and gives extra protection and padding. If you have two extra lenses don't worry there's another bottle pocket! The bag is the perfect size for your camera, not too big, and has just the right amount of pockets to put extra batteries and chargers. Have a small tripod that folds down? This bag should fit that too! Put your extra SD cards in the binky pocket so you don't lose them. 
Picture via @keekphoto 


Dance Bag
dance bagAre you an athlete or in this case love to dance? This bag is perfect to take to class. It fits extra clothes and shoes that you will need before or after. The bottle pocket will keep your water cool so you can stay hydrated and the mama pocket will store all your valuables like your phone, wallet and keys. 
Picture via @yourstrulyciera


Hiking Bag
nature pictureWant a bag that can handle rain and dirt, that is light enough to carry on your back for a long time? This bag is perfect. Take it hiking and it is perfect to hold food and drinks with the insulated pocket. You can also keep your phone in the outside side pocket and easily listen to music. Bring your camera too! There's plenty of room for it so you can take those perfect nature shots. 
Picture via @mrsyoungclaus

Work Bag
Man with bagAre you looking for the perfect bag to take to work? The Vauva pack is professional enough to take with you. It is gender neutral and stylish for anyone. It is big enough to store your computer and charger. You can use the safe pocket on the back for your tablet. It'll hold your phone, wallet and keys and still have enough room if you bring your lunch.
Picture via @ryanevan

Everyday Bag
Woman with bagYou absolutely do not need a kid to have this bag. Or you just don't need your child with you to rock it! It's great to take for a date night, or even just out shopping. We all know being hands-free while shopping makes grabbing everything so much easier. It has all of the features a purse does, but is easier to carry around. Who would've thought a diaper bag could look so good that people can't even tell it's a diaper bag?! 
Picture via @life.of.a.sister 




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