The journey of becoming a mom can seem intimidating. I have friends tell me they never want to become a mom because of what happens to their bodies and their physical appearance afterward.

They base their opinions off of what they see. They see women struggling with weight gain/loss during and after pregnancy, they see stretch marks, smaller boobs, wider hips, hair loss, and acne. They see the struggles we as moms face because we like to emphasize the problems with our bodies post-baby.

These “imperfections” are just what the world tells us are unacceptable and shameful. The changes are bodies go through after having children are beautiful and we should embrace them, not be embarrassed by them.

This perception of motherhood being unattractive puts motherhood in a negative light. We at RYLA see motherhood as the most beautiful thing a woman can do.

 The phrase “I just look like a mom today” has taken over the vocabulary of every mother at some point in her life. When a woman says that, she might as well be saying I feel messy, dirty and look like I just rolled out of bed.

Saying “I look like a mom” should be the highest praise a woman can give herself because being a mom is beautiful. 

The world sees the perfect woman as a Barbie doll with perfect hair, perfect makeup, a size 0, and a flat tummy. 

I look at this list and see many things I do not have and easily feel defeated about myself. It is so easy to look back at my life before my daughter and think about my physical appearance then and wish I had it all back.

But that is not what we as moms should be doing. We should be loving the way motherhood has changed us and embracing the new changes motherhood has brought us. 

We put together this video to bring awareness to moms everywhere to embrace the changes motherhood brings. We should not be striving to look like a Barbie doll anymore and thinking that is what’s beautiful. We are beautiful. Moms are beautiful. It’s time we all thought so.  

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