Mom Beauty is the Best Beauty

Have you ever heard someone say, "I feel like a mom"? What do you associate that phrase with? Most of us think of it in a negative, derogatory kind of way. Like we look like a mess that day. We look the way a mom is "supposed" to look with spit up all over us and messy hair. That is just the way our culture associates motherhood. Well, we at Ryla think that needs to change.

There is nothing more beautiful and powerful than being a mother. We should be proud to be a mom and feel lucky to look like one. We as woman are already naturally beautiful, but once we deliver that baby there is something about us that glows. And no it's not the make-up were covering our faces with to hide the bags under our eyes and post-baby acne. Our motherly instincts kick in and we radiate beauty unlike ever before.

If you don't believe us, just ask your husbands. We asked some in the video below and their answers were all the same. They told us their wives were even more beautiful once they became a mother. Has your husband ever told you he loves your stretch marks and extra skin and you just roll your eyes because you just think he is trying to make you feel better about your body? I guarantee he actually loves those features about you because it reminds him of what you gave him. 

Every little new feature you got when you became a mother has enhanced your beauty and matured you as a woman. We need to stop saying we "look like a mom" when we feel like a mess. We need to feel proud and feel beautiful to be a mom, so when we say "I look like a mom today," it is something to boast about. You are doing the hardest job in the world by raising your kids, don't let our culture make you think you are not beautiful. 


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Lynn Miller

This was beautiful! Made me tear up! Thank you for making this beautiful video

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