Any mamas out there love fashion but can never find the time or effort to keep up with it? Well that is how I feel all of the time! Ever since I became a mom, I have started dressing like one. Donʼt get me wrong, there is nothing wrong dressing casual and comfy. Weʼre getting spit up on and pooped on so why make an effort? My normal attire consists of slip on shoes, jeans and a loose t-shirt. Iʼm comfortable, but I donʼt feel great. It was only when I was introduced to Lucy Avenue that I started dressing cute again, and let me tell you I feel awesome. 

lucy avenue and vauva

Lucy Avenue is a Utah based company run by a mama named Cheyanne. She started it in 2015 and was filling orders from her apartment till they moved to a warehouse in Salt Lake. She now runs Lucy Avenue with her husband and brother. 

Cheyanne hand-picks all of the item she sells. She must have an eye for fashion because she always has high quality, fashion forward, on-trend clothes that make you look good and feel great. The best part is they are actually affordable. If youʼre anything like me, after having a baby you want to update your entire wardrobe! Since medical bills have been piling up you canʼt really afford it. I love Nordstrom, but it just was not in the budget. Lucy Avenue gave me the opportunity to buy those few staple pieces every woman needs while not breaking the bank.

I encourage all you mamas to check it out! Click here to update your wardrobe and feel great! We all know you deserve it!

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