Baby girl
First off my name is Rebecca Edginton and I am a new mom, wife, and (almost done) student. My little girl’s name is Mila and she is just over a month old now, which is absolutely crazy to think about how time is flying by already. My husband’s name is Max and he opened up a car dealership specializing in diesel trucks with his friends
almost two years ago, so as you can imagine he works A LOT! This means the daily parent duties are mine to do until he gets home. We live in Utah and love it so much we bought a house and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon! My life is not interesting to most, but to all my fellow parents out there, you understand when I say it’s crazy.
Being out here in Utah, the culture is to get married young and have a family. I
accomplished the “getting married young” stigma by getting married at 20 years old,
so the next step was to have a family. I would see young couples with cute little babies
daily and I knew I wanted that. They looked so happy and the way these couples
looked at each other and their children made me want it even more. They made it look
so easy and fun, they just looked so carefree! So Max and I decided to have a baby
and we were so excited when we got pregnant and thrilled when she finally got here in
December. In the hospital I remember thinking I finally had a baby of my own and I
could not wait to take care of her and watch her grow up.
mommy and baby girl
For those who were fooled by the “parenting fantasy” let me just tell you parenting is
the absolute HARDEST thing you will ever do! Having a baby is no joke, and is not to
be taken lightly. I would not give it up for anything in the world, but it is not all laughs
and smiles. I learned very fast that the day of a Mom consists of feeding and changing
multiple diapers of your little one, while just trying to get out of bed yourself. You’re
covered in spit up, throw up, formula or milk, and barely have time to take a shower
because when you finally get your baby down for a nap, she will start crying the minute
you step into that shower! She will cry and cry, and you will have NO IDEA why she is
crying. You will not sleep for longer than four hours at a time, and even though people
say to sleep while your baby naps, you will try but end up doing something else instead
just to feel like you accomplished something that day. Trying to get regular housework
done has now become a challenge, you have to time everything right or doing anything
will be impossible. Going out is huge hassle, so don’t plan on being able to continue
your daily activities like normal because you now need to lug around a diaper bag,
stroller, and car seat at all times. Being a new mom I would pack my diaper bag full
with anything and everything I might need. I packed diapers, wipes, extra outfits, lotion,
my Solly wrap, extra blankets, bibs, burp clothes, bottles, extra binkies, etc.... You
name it I packed it. My bag was stuffed to the max, which many would say is fine
because it is good to be prepared, but the problem was I could not find ANYTHING.
Going through my bag was a huge hassle, I would add more stuff to that mess before
taking it out. My life already felt like a mess, I couldn’t let my diaper bag feel like that

I was finally introduced to VAUVA and their diaper bag and instantly fell in love. I
wanted a simple diaper big with no crazy designs that made me feel cute and trendy
while wvauvapack diaper bag backpackearing it. It is a faux leather diaper backpack that is very light with shoulder straps that are actually comfortable to wear and don’t fall off! It is small, but big enough to hold my essentials plus it has a handy tablet pocket. I can’t overpack with this bag, I only pack the essentials which keeps me organized and makes my life feel less hectic. It comes with a changing pad and wet bag that hold my diapers and wipes so I am able to quickly grab that when I need to change one of Mil’s blow outs. It has insulated pockets that keeps bottles cold or warm, which is perfect for when you actually have to leave the house and try to accomplish an on-the-go feeding. This diaper bag has absolutely surpassed my expectations for a diaper bag, and impressed everyone I have shown. If you want a diaper bag that simplifies your life and has friends and strangers stopping you just to ask about it, then this bag is for you! #vauvamomforlife

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