Let's Talk Accessories!

If you're reading this, give yourself a pat on the back because you are definitely a stylish mama. The fact that you can even think about accessories as a mom is a win for mothers everywhere. Because let's be honest, who has time to accessorize anything but their kid?!

Diaper bagPHOTO CREDIT: @makeupmama.x0

So when I say let's talk about accessories, I mean let's talk about diaper bag accessories. Most moms don't even know these exist but guess what, now you do and you are going to be in love just like us! We are obsessed with those little poof balls you see everywhere. Hook it on to the zipper of the baby bag and it turns an already stylish diaper bag, into that bag everyone stares at when you walk down the mall. Trust me, this little diaper bag accessory is it right now.

Diaper bagPHOTO CREDIT: @withloveshandora


Here at Ryla, we love simplicity. But that does not mean we can't spice things up. Of course, we have all our diaper bag essentials that we never leave the house with, but those essentials are usually all for the baby and are never seen. This diaper bag accessory is perfect for a little pop of color and a little fun, plus it makes opening the diaper bag that much easier!

Diaper BagPHOTO CREDIT: @liza_adele

Moms already love adding this to their #rylapack and we know you will too. This will become a diaper bag essential and you will want different colors for different occasions and seasons. We will actually be adding these to our site shortly so keep an eye out for them! Love you mamas and keep hustlin'!


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