From Husband to Father


Becoming a parent is not easy. The expectations of it all are stressful and the things you don’t expect become overwhelming. It’s not just your husband and you anymore, and you have to adjust. Sometimes those adjustments can be hard, and I did not expect my husband to step up like he did.

If any of you mamas are like me, you could not wait to see your husband become a dad. I would fantasize about what it would be like to see him with our daughter, how he would talk to her, and how he would hold her. I was so excited to see him embrace this new role, I did not expect to fall even more in love with him because of it.

dad holding baby

The way he looks at her just melts my heart. When you get married you promise to love that person through thick and thin, especially through life changes. I knew the man I was marrying, but I could have never guessed the man he would become when we had our daughter.

His love for her radiates every time he’s with her and he would do absolutely anything for her. He now has a whole different side to him, a side that is beautiful, loving, patient, and kind. A side that will make the impossible happen for his family. He has stepped up and become the protector and provider we need and I could not be anymore impressed.

I was very nervous to start a family, but seeing the way my husband handled this transition makes me so excited to watch our family grow. There’s no experience like watching your husband mature into a father. It’s unforgettable and perfect and I’m so happy we decided to become parents. 

dad playing with baby

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