Friendship is Everything

Motherhood can be so lonely. You would think that after having kids one would be able to meet other moms easily, but surprisingly a lot of moms feel alone. 

I have always said that if women did not have men we would be just fine, but if we didn't have women we would lose our mind!

It is so important to have that human connection as a mom. We need someone to talk too that can relate to our lives. Someone that understands what it's like to be sick with a toddler or someone that understands what pregnancy really feels like.

moms being friends

We need other moms that can be a shoulder to cry on when things get hard or a person to laugh with while watching your kid say their first curse word on accident.

I have gained those friends that have been by side through everything. I do not know where I would without them. They have made me a better mom by sharing their experiences with me. It helped me through my struggles of having a baby and has helped me every day since then.

For your mental sanity, go out and make those friends that have your best interest in mind. Those friends that push you to get out of the house and do things.

It sounds cheesy but you guys will make each other happy on even the hardest days...and let's be honest, every day can be hard when you're a mom!

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