I don始t know about you, but I like to be prepared and as efficient as possible when it involves my baby, Mila. Unfortunately, I was completely clueless when it came to flying with her. I tried to research and get as prepared as I could, but no one could prepare me for the anxiety I felt from it! Being a first time mom I of course felt bad for everyone else around me when she cried and I definitely felt the stares too. The best advice I can give you is do not get frustrated! If you are frustrated, your little one will be too.

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Make sure to check-in and get your boarding pass beforehand. This will cut down the time you have to be at the airport in advance. I checked in on my phone, but they still made me print a boarding pass for my daughter so make sure you have a boarding pass for both you and your baby.

Going through security was one of the hardest parts for me. I decided to push Mila through in her car seat attached to her stroller. I read somewhere that you don始t have to take the baby out! That is not true! You HAVE to take them out of the car seat. I also expected then to have someone inspect my stroller and since my car seat was apart of the stroller I thought they would do that together. Nope! They took the car seat off the stroller and put it through the scanner. I had no idea that was going to happen so the things in the car seat, like her pacifier and hair bow, fell out and were lost for good. Fortunately, I called ahead for the things I could bring on for her so that was a breeze. Things like her medicine and formula (in a clear container) were easily approved.

Mila does not like sitting in a stroller if she is not moving so waiting the next hour and a half to board was terrible. I was told to get there extra early because it takes longer to go through security. Yes it takes a little longer since you have more things, but maybe 5 minutes longer at the most. Don始t be extra early if you don始t have to be! I tried walking her around to calm her down, but that was not working. Luckily I had my Solly wrap and聽Ryla pack to save the day. Since I couldn始t sit down, having a hands free diaper bag that allowed me to completely take care of my daughter was a life saver. After I put her in the wrap she slept until we boarded.

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Being in the air was the best part of my trip. I had an aisle seat and the middle seat next to me was empty so Mila and I had some extra room. Advice I kept on getting was to make sure to feed your baby when you take off and land. This stressed me out because both times she was sleeping and I wasn始t sure whether to wake her up or not. My advice would be not to wake up your baby! If your little one gets startled by the loud noises, just have a bottle ready or be ready to nurse. You want to feed them because the air pressure hurts their little ears and swallowing helps relieve that pain.

Just remember, your little one does not know know any better. People will usually give babies the benefit of the doubt, especially while flying. Just do your best to calm your baby down and remember you have every right to be flying as the next person. Do not let them make you feel bad! Stay calm and enjoy the experience. If you do, your baby will to.


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