Educational Activities

Welcome Back mama!!

Today we are going to be giving some educational activity suggestions to help your kids still learn while being cooped up. 

Our first suggestion is to go to Instagram and look up Busy Toddler! We have been following Susie for quite some time and she has the greatest ideas for toddlers and young children! Her core products include circle stickers, painters tape, sticky notes, and pipe cleaners!

Shape sorting! Draw some shapes on your window with painters tape and then cut out some of those same shapes but smaller to help you child sort and practice their shapes!

Color sorting! Bring out those duplos or blocks or anything that comes in core colors and lay out some colored card stock. Allow you child to match the color of the toy to the cardstock!

A great online resource is ABCmouse! Covers ages 2-8 and they are running a great sale during this time for a month free!!

Educational activities for older kids is teaching them about finances! Use monopoly money and create a little "store" with small trinkets and treats and show them how to use money and how to earn money with chores or other activities! They can learn how to save and count money while being able to earn some small toys or treats!

Some great books to use to help teach your child to read are Learning Dynamics. They are also great if you child struggles a bit in reading to help them really piece words together and become strong readers!

Lastly are flashcards! As a family who is bilingual, we invested in some Spanish flashcards for $1 from Target to try and introduce some common words in Spanish! The flashcards linked are from Amazon and have more than my set!


Here are just a few ideas to help you child still be learning other than just learning from you daily actions! You are doing great mama and you are going to do amazing!! 












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