Don't Lose Yourself in Parenting

Becoming a parent is a surreal experience. It is a new stage of your life that no one can prepare you for. You are thrown into this whole new world of waiting hand and foot on your family. At this point, most of us lose ourselves and who we are.

We put everyone else first, and our needs come last. This is one of the biggest mistakes we make as mothers.

Don't lose yourself in parenting

It is so hard to make time and take care of ourselves. We make sure our kids eat lunch and forget to eat ourselves. We go shopping to buy new clothes because let's be real things don't fit like they used too, and leave with new outfits for our kids.

We forget to give ourselves the love and nurturing we give everyone else and it's time we make a change.

We need to remember, parenting is just a stage of our life, not our entire life. Don't lose yourself and who you are as a woman.

It is so easy to forget about what we want or what we love to do when we have kids who have their own wants and needs. But we will be so much happier when we make the time to fulfill our needs first.

We will not only be happier as a mother but be happier as a wife and friend. 

So start doing those things you love. Have a girls night, take up that hobby you have always wanted to do. Go shopping and buy those shoes you have been wanting for so long. 

Remember, you are not just a mother, your a woman too. You got this. 

You got This




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This is perfect. I’ve been struggling a lot with finding the balance between being myself and being a mother, and whenever I try to put my needs first I get really bad mom – guilt. This is a good reminder that I’m not only a mother, but my own person.

Thank you for this post!

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