ryder runningRyder: 
My little Boy is 1 ½ years old. He is a freaking stud and my favorite part is being able to dress him. It’s like having your own doll that you can dress however you want. Although I’m not looking forward to those years when he wants to dress himself, I am a little nervous to see what he comes up with, but also kind of curious to see what he wants to wear. 
Things he can say: 
Mama, Daddy, Papa, Bubbles, Doggy (and makes the sound woof when he sees a dog), more (While doing the sign for more), jump (while he is jumping), I want that, what is that, and I’m sure there are a couple more. When he started saying these words I didn’t realize he was actually saying them until I really paid attention and he was pointing as he was talking.

It has been so fun to hear him say a new word and I can’t wait to be able to have an actual conversation with him. I can tell he is going to be one that asks "why" for everything haha. “Uh Oh” is one of my favorites! If something drops or if his show has paused he just looks at me and says "Uh Oh." 😊 

high fiveThe little things he does that melts my heart: 
Using the sign for more when he wants something. He doesn’t understand that more means more of one thing.When you jump he jumps and keeps jumping with a cute little smirk on his face, then says jump with his cute little voice. He gives everyone loves by resting his head on your chest, but it never lasts longer than a few seconds (unless you give him a back rub like daddy always does). If he is hesitant about you, he will only give you loves if either mom or dad is still holding him.

When he wakes up in the mornings before he gets taken out of his crib he has to hand you EVERYTHING in his crib (Blanket, Pillow, Stuffed Animal, Book, etc) before he wants out. If there is one thing in his crib he will cry until he gets it.

He will pat down next to him if he wants you to sit next to him and he will keep patting until you sit down. 

He LOVES his belly button, his finger is always in it. 

When it is time to say a prayer he looks at you, folds his arms and gives you the sweetest smile. It never lasts long, but he will fold his arms, unfold, then fold them again and so on until the prayer is over and we have said amen. 

When he wants to hold your hand, that sweet little hand of his goes straight in the air looking for yours. 

High fives and knuckles are a must. He will stop everything and anything he is doing to get up and give them to you. If he doesn’t have a hand free, he will use his wrist! 

throwing ryder in the airThings that make it hard being a mom: 
Tantrums. he is really good at these, the only good thing I can say is that he doesn’t scream so much anymore (unless he is tired or hangry, but all humans get that way 🙋). He mainly just throws himself onto the floor, sprawled out like an eagle and rolls from one side to the other giving you a dirty look.
Constant Attention. He is not one to play by himself EVER. He is getting better, but for the most part, if I am sitting at the table he needs to be at the table. Then he always wants to stand on the table, only to throw a fit for not being allowed on the table and so on, you all know how it goes.
Not having enough time for my husband. He is gone before I wake up and in bed before I get home. We work quite a bit, so that makes it hard to have the fun, silly, serious moments with him. 

Getting Ready for the day. I sometimes don’t even remember what it’s like to take a bath or shower without being bothered. 

Going to the bathroom alone. Yes, my son can’t just play with the huge chest of toys for a few minutes so I can go to the bathroom. Instead, he has to be sitting on my lap.

Never eating his lunch after you just fixed something JUST for him! 

Things that make being a mom all worth it:
I am Ryder's Mama.

I get to teach him the ways of life.

I get to watch Ryder grow old, get married, start his own family and have grandchildren. 

I get to watch him figure out how to get out of situations. For example, being stuck on the couch and watching him figure out a way to get down. Having his suspenders get stuck on a chair and having him take his index finger and thumb to remove it from the chair. 

I get to watch him learn how to make car noises and have him drive his trucks up against my leg all the way up to my head and laugh about it. 

I get to hear that sweet laugh. 

My Thoughts on Being Ryders Mama:
Heavenly Father entrusted ME to be Ryders Mother. 

HE trusts ME to teach him right from wrong.

HE trusts ME to keep him safe and watched over. 

HE trusts ME to be an example to him.

HE has blessed me with a very special spirit that I need to cherish and love with everything I have.

Ryder has given ME Strength I never thought I had.

What I have been Blessed with since becoming a mom: 
Our Heavenly Father knows when I am struggling. 

Do I ever feel alone? Yes, I do, but I have to remind myself I am never alone.

HE knows when things are hard, but HE always knows when I need help at my lowest of lows and sends it my way.

HE has blessed me with the most hard working, loving, incredible husband and father. 

I have been blessed with so much love around me from family and friends.

HE has blessed me with the most amazing son I could have ever asked for. 


Being a Mom is Hard, but know we are never alone. Remember the good times outweigh the bad. Remember what God has entrusted to YOU. Remember what God has blessed YOU with, not what he hasn’t blessed you with. Remember those sweet little moments that melt your heart, not the moments that make you want to wish you waited. 

I love you, Ryder! 

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