Once you graduate high school, your life is turned upside down. You finally are able to deviate from the social norm and go your own way! Some pursue careers, some travel the world, some get married, most pursue college. It is finally your life to live and do with what you please, so why settle down and have kids? I talked to a couple mamaʼs who all had babies early in their marriage and what many would say early in their life. The common theme between all of them is that they would not change it for the world, and I would have to agree!

If you make every decision of your life based on the fear of what others may think, you will get nowhere. If youʼre anything like me, I do everything I set my mind too. This has made others question my life choices. I got married at 20 and had a baby when I was 22. I had many friends and family express their concern about me ruining my life and settling down way too early. I was in the middle of college when I got married and still studying when I had my baby. Everyone said I wouldnʼt finish, but I am happy to say I am graduating in April and could not be any more excited. You can do anything you want to do, and accomplish everything you want. Even though I didnʼt follow the “norm” by going to college, graduating, finding a steady job, dating around and getting married in my thirties I will still be able to accomplish everything I want too. Here are three other mamaʼs who are just proof having babies young still letʼs you accomplish all that you want!

mom holding babyLissa Bishop had her baby when she was 21. His name is Eli and was born just three days after her one year anniversary. Like many others who get married young, they start off saying they want to wait a couple of years till they have kids. It was the plan until she got an unshakeable feeling that it was time. Fortunately she was able to get pregnant her first month of trying even though infertility runs in the family. She said, “A lot of my friends and even my family assumed that because I got pregnant just after 3 months off marriage that it wasn't planned. While the timing was definitely quicker than what we thought it would be, we wouldn't change any of it.” Like many of us moms can relate to, she plans everything around Eli. She even runs a successful business while raising her son. She's a supermom that is able to do what she wants even though she has a family.

family with two kidsMelanie Blankenship was also 21 when she had her first baby. She had only been married for seven months when she got pregnant! Many would say that is still the “honeymoon phase” but Melanie felt like it took forever! Like many others, she was thrilled when she found out. Being the first in her family and friends to have a baby, everyone was excited. She said, “I am glad that I was young enough when I had kids that when my children are teenagers I'll still be young and healthy enough to go on adventures with them. I won't even be forty yet when my oldest graduates high school!” She wouldnʼt change anything and feels being a parent is the most important job.

young familyAmanda Moh was 21 when she had Macy. Even though family and friends believed she was too young and that having a baby would ruin her life, she didnʼt care. She had that maternal desire! Now after having Macy, she believes having a baby is just the best thing ever! She said, “There is so much joy in our lives now that we didn't even know we were missing. I can't imagine life without my daughter. Even though date nights are few and far between now, sleep is a thing of the past, and changing diapers is a constant task, I wouldn't change anything. I don't regret having a baby young for a second.”

You can probably see a common theme between these women. I think all of us mamas are happy and in love with our little ones. We love our families and would never give it up! Even though I was young when I settled down, I havenʼt missed out on the things others see as important. I think the most important thing is my family, and it wouldnʼt be complete without my daughter.

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