This week Mila had a couple of “firsts.” We all get so excited when our children progress in their development so this is me expressing that excitement! Fortunately, she finally had her first smile, which absolutely melted my heart. Thereʼs something about a cute baby smile that just makes all those hours of crying just magically disappear. They say smiling is contagious and now after seeing her cute little smile, I completely agree! She also had her first blow out! I was not nearly as excited about this one, but still ended up feeling a little proud. I came to find out that that was not the one and only blow out and that sense of pride has quickly faded. We happened to be in the car when she had her first blow out so she pooped through all her clothes and into the carseat. Good thing most baby things are washable, right moms! A fun fact I learned about her this week is she loves music. If she is crying, lullabies are my lifesaver and they usually calm her down pretty fast. Her personality is starting to shine through more and more everyday and I canʼt wait to see more “firsts” as she progresses.
screaming baby
Now after talking about all the cute and funny things that have happened, time to get down to the “fun” stuff. All you parents out there probably know what Iʼm saying when I say kids are messy and disgusting most of the time! Now I donʼt mean that in a mean way because I absolutely love my daughter, but WOW do her poopy diapers, blow outs, spit ups, and throw ups gross me out! Parenting really is not for the faint of heart let alone the faint of stomach! Also, can we talk about the endless crying and screaming! I can handle the little cries for attention and the hunger cries, but those piercing cries that send chills throughout my body, (all you mamaʼs out there know EXACTLY what Iʼm talking about) are the ABSOLUTE worst. Theres nothing worse than having your child cry and having no idea why, and not being able to do anything about it but try to soothe and comfort them. I donʼt know about you, but when Mila is crying I go through a checklist of reasons why she could be crying just to make sure thereʼs nothing else I can do. Combining all these “fun” things together makes for a bad day where you just wish you could get away for a bit and take a break. Unfortunately, thatʼs usually not an option and this is when you just have to take a breath and think positive because usually thatʼs all you can do.
Time flies by when youʼre raising a kid. Iʼm already starting to realize that and my
daughter is not even two months old. Time is going by way too fast and even
though I am with Mila almost all day, everyday, I still feel like Iʼm missing out. The only advice I can give as a new mom is to enjoy the time you spend with your child now because he or she will not always be around to smile at you when you need it most or laugh with you when you do something embarrassing. I would much rather look back at my life and think of how happy I was with my kids then look back and regret how I acted when things got hard. I can honestly say by soaking up those little moments of joy, you will be a much happier and patient parent. I already see it in how I act everyday. Those little things that frustrate and irritate you wonʼt seem so big anymore because you have a much happier perspective on parenting. Those little cuddles and sweet smiles will make those less fortunate memories of excessive crying and no sleep seem minimal. I want to look back on my life as a mom and know I had the time of my life being the best mom I could be to my children, not a mom who wished she could get away for awhile! So remember this week when parenting is getting hard, enjoy those sweet moments and #adorethenest because before you know it, they will be grown and gone! We'd love to hear how you #adorethenest! Comment below!
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