A Gift Guide for Expecting Mamas

 Welcome to the world of motherhood. It's a new journey, but a fun one. You and your family are overly excited for the little bundle of joy you will be bringing into this world. Of course, they want to celebrate it and throw you the best baby shower of the year. This is a fun time and you need so many new things, but to be honest you have no idea what those things are! This is a guide to help you navigate the must-haves as a new mom (so you can let your family know you just don't need 50 adorable outfits).

#1. A Diaper Bag
Ryla diaper bag

$89 Pre-Order (originally $129)

Every new mom needs a diaper bag. If you don't believe me, check out this article on why. This is an item you will use from day one, right when you bring your little one home from the hospital. This bag is the perfect diaper backpack because of its popular features. It includes things like insulated pockets, gold hardware, and a stylish exterior. You will want to have both hands to chase your little one, so this hands-free option is the way to go. 




#2 A Travel System

City Select Stroller


You have to have a car seat for your child to be able to leave the hospital, so getting a travel system is important. I know its pricey, but this can be a really good group gift. I recommend getting a travel system because the baby bassinet is perfect for the first couple of months for outings, and can click into the car and the stroller, making transfers easy. Also, if you plan on having kids close together, a stroller that can convert into a double will save you money! 

#3 A Crib/Pack n' Play


Graco pack n' play

Nowadays, most moms opt for some type of bassinet or co-sleeping bed for their baby for the first couple of months (read more here). If you choose to do that, that's great, but you still need a crib. Most cribs will convert into a toddler bed too, so I recommend getting one of those to save you money down the road. Also, a pack n' play is a must for when you travel. People like to splurge on fancy ones, but I think just a basic Graco pack n' play gets the job done. Don't forget crib sheets and a mattress! Bedding is not necessary because your baby won't be using blankets to go to sleep for a while, but if grandma handmakes a beautiful quilt, of course, you put that baby on display!

#4. Diapers & Wipes



Kirkland wipes


The most recurring, expensive thing you will buy for your child are diapers and wipes. Stock up! You can never get too many of these as gifts for a baby shower. I recommend doing some type of raffle that your guests will be entered in if they bring a box of diapers or wipes! Many people say you won't be needing a lot of newborn diapers, and will always buy a size up. From personal experience, my daughter was in newborn diapers for 3 months and they are the most expensive, so I wish I had more. Keep receipts and exchange sizes when you can. If you get gift cards, look for deals, your wallet will thank you later.

#5. Bottles /Bottle Cleaner and Dryer/ Bottle Warmer

Bottle Warmer


Boon Grass

Don't disregard this section if you're planning on breastfeeding! I'm not saying this is true for everyone, but breastfeeding didn't work out for me, so I was so happy I got these as gifts. Make sure to register for a bottle warmer that matches the bottles too. Also, bottle cleaners are a must and you will need somewhere to put them to dry. Usually, bottle sets only come with the nipple on the bottle, so it doesn't hurt to register for some extra nipple sizes. I liked having at least 3 bottles in every size and one extra nipple for each bottle. This made cleaning easy, but never overwhelming. 

#6. High Chair/ Bumbo Seat

IKEA high chair


Now you won't be needing these for the first couple of months, but these are cheap and easy gifts that relatives can get. I recommend the IKEA high chair because it wipes clean, can be stored easily and isn't too big for small babies or too small for bigger ones. The bumbo seat is great too because it teaches your little one to sit up and is easy for on the go. If you get the tray table that hooks onto it, you can also start feeding your babe in this when they are still too small for the high chair.  

#7. Nose Frida/ Thermometer/ Grooming Kit

nose frida



grooming kit

As mamas, we all dread the day our babies first get sick. It's scary because you don't know what to do and let's be honest, we all call our moms for help! It is so handy to have a thermometer at all times. I recommend one that can go in your little one's ear or head. You won't be able to orally take temperatures for a while. Also, your baby will get stuffed up and those bulb suction things only do so much. The Nose Frida gets everything, it may seem gross, but you will love it when you can get everything out in the middle of the night with one suck and go back to sleep. Also, things like nail clippers, a baby toothbrush, medicine and a baby brush are things you don't think about, but will need. 

#8. Baby Carrier


Solly baby

Babywearing has been around for a long time, and there's a reason for it! It keeps moms sane and lets us get things done. You will love having a baby carrier if your little one only wants to be held or you're going out for a long day. I recommend getting the Solly Baby Wrap for the first couple of months and then transitioning to the Ergo 360. Both of these carriers will last a long time and you will love that your arms aren't falling off from holding your baby all the time. 

#9. Baby Monitor

baby monitor


A baby monitor is a necessity for your state of mind. Every mom goes through having to have their little one sleep in a different room and worrying about every little thing while they sleep. A good monitor will be able to let you see your baby at night, talk to your baby and even let you move the camera from a remote. The Infant Optics baby monitor is the best selling on Amazon for just these reasons. Trust me, don't go cheap on a simple monitor! A video monitor is a must. 

#10. Baby Bath Tub
Baby Tub

Bath time is so fun, but can be awful without the right things. A bathtub that supports your little one and keeps them safe is necessary for the first couple of months. This bathtub sits right in your tub and grows with your baby, so you don't have to buy multiple ones. Also, public service announcement, never leave your babe in the tub alone, even for just a second! 






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