How to Pack: Traveling with a Toddler

Happy St Patrick's Day RYLA mamas!! Maybe Spring break is approaching and you are getting your family ready to travel and you're a little stressed out because you need to keep a toddler entertained on a plane without losing your mind! We got you!!! First and foremost, stay calm! Your children can sense how you feel and the calmer you stay the more likely they are able to keep calm! Do NOT stress out about what everyone else on the plane is thinking. I recently took a trip and got very lucky with super helpful and friendly neighbors! It's all going to be okay and soon you'll be soaking up the sun and sticking your toes in the sun and all will be well! Now time for that packing list!!

For Toddler:


Boogie Board

Rad and Happy Activity Book

Water Bottle (must be empty going through security but you can fill it up after)

Snack Spinner (SERIOUSLY. It's a toy as well as a snack holder.)

Water WOW book (fill the pen after security also)

Boogie Wipes

Max and Moose Swaddle

An Ipad for movies

Window Clings (not pictures but crucial on ANY flight. Find them at the dollar spot at Target!!!)

For Mom:


Wallet with your ID




Any Rachel Hollis book (or any book that makes you happy)

Headphones - we use a Fuse Reel headphone winder to prevent tangles!


Alrighty mama, get all these things packed into your RYLA and get ready to enjoy some much needed relaxation on your travels! 



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