How to Pack: Newborn

You are here because you have a squishy new baby and you feel like you’re packing everything including the crib in your diaper bag! Don’t worry mama, we are going to list out all the essentials and even give you a little mom hack in the mix to minimize the clutter and weight and help you leave the house without feeling overwhelmed!

Here is our essential newborn packing list:

  • 4-6 diapers
  • a pack of wipes
  • a good burp rag- we like using the Copper Pearl one because it’s a really great size
  • a bib for the inevitable 2-hour-after-feeding spit up
  • a pacifier (if you choose to use one) we love the Bibs pacifier
  • A Max and Moose swaddle - *bonus mom hack* if you are a nursing mom who likes to cover, you can take 2 ends of a swaddle, tie them in a knot, and use it as a cover instead of packing another item
  • An extra outfit or 2
  • A Wash-it-Later for the unexpected blowout
  • Diaper bags for stinky diapers in public trashcans
  • Diaper rash cream - we especially recommend the Baby Bum one!
  • If you are a pump and feed mama, we recommend using the Comotomo bottles because they are so soft and easy for baby to transition from breast to bottle
  • if you are a formula feeding mama, we are currently obsessed with the PopYum bottles that allow you to store the water and formula in the bottle and just pop and shake it when you’re ready to use.
  • a ring sling or carrier

For Mom:

  • Chapstick
  • Touchland hand sanitizers (seriously super hydrating and amazing)
  • Any medication you need
  • a wallet
  • Tampons
  • Baby Bum lotion

So there you have it! Our essential newborn packing list! Make sure to go to our instagram to see how we packed this all up in our RYLA!

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