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A diaper bag is a necessity that every mom needs. Even if you think you donʼt need one, you still have to carry everything your kids need in some type of bag. Iʼve seen people convert backpacks, totes, and purses into a diaper bag. Most people do this because they do not like the cliche look and appeal of a diaper bag. If that is you, our bag may be right for you.


The first thing you see when you look at our diaper bag is that it doesnʼt look like a diaper bag. Thatʼs the point! We wanted to create a minimalist hands-free diaper backpack that defies all expectations of a diaper bag. The fact that it is a backpack allows you to have the ability to chase your kid down the street without having to worry about your diaper bag falling off. Or put your baby in the carseat without it sliding off your shoulders.
Our simple, yet classy colors compliment every outfit too. You can be dressed up or dressed down and still look good with our bag on your back. It is also a stylish backpack that both mom and dad look good wearing. No more arguing over who holds the diaper bag now!

mom and dad vauva diaper bag


One of the main reasons the Vauva pack was created was because of the excessive size of all the other diaper bags on the market. Nothing is more frustrating then having your baby screaming for her toy and not being able to find it so you have to pull everything out of your diaper bag to find it buried underneath that fourth blanket you packed just in case. Bigger diaper bags cause you to overpack and carry items that you donʼt necessarily need for a day out. If you like to be over prepared and bring everything with you, our bag isnʼt for you. If you find yourself getting frustrated with all the things your diaper bag seems to collect, you will love the Vauva pack. It is smaller than the normal diaper bag, but still holds everything you need.


The Vauva pack is one of the most durable bags out there. We have done multiple tests to check its quality. Almost two months ago we hung one of our bags on a tree filled with 78 pounds of dumbbells to see how long it would hang. That bag has had to endure snow and rain and is still going strong! No need to worry about the Vauva pack falling apart! endure

The faux leather and gold hardware are all done to perfection and made to last. This diaper backpack will be one you can use for all your babies! No need to buy a new one every time.


We designed this backpack to be a minimalist approach to a diaper bag. The five pockets inside the bag are designed specifically for the few items that you need.
vauva diaper bag pockets organization
Thereʼs an (1) insulated pocket (to keep babyʼs food warm or cool), a (2) zippered pocket, a (3) bottle pocket, a (4) binky pocket and a (5) miscellaneous pocket. On the outside of the bag theres a front pocket for mom and all her essentials and a tablet pocket that is on the back of the bag. The side pockets easily store your keys and phone for easy access.

We also include everything you need for on-the-go diaper changes. In every bag comes a changing pad and wet bag. The changing pad is cushioned for the comfort of your little one. Wrap that around the wet bag which can hold all your diapers and wipes and you are ready to go! So simple and so easy!

The Vauva pack has solved so many problems the diaper bag market ignores. If you are looking for something new, classy, minimalist and convenient… VAUVA is for you!

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