Sunday Lesson: Uplift Another

Happy Sunday Mama!!

For us, Sundays are meant for reflection and worship. We wanted to share a way that we are worshipping at home and filling up our spiritual cup.

Each day we try and read scriptures with our children even if that means reading 5 verses while they run around like maniacs because we know the importance of the scriptures.

Once a week, on Sunday, we try and teach our children something from our scripture reading of the week. This week specifically, due to the crazy, we are focusing on how to lift another. We believe there is so much good in the world and sometimes we need to be that good in the craziness. 

We are discussing how in the depth of tragedy and hardship, Christ still went out and comforted others and healed and uplifted. He preached the words of His Father to give hope to those who needed it. 

For an activity, we decided to think of 1 person each that we could uplift and write them a letter (because social distancing). We grabbed some markers and a card or a coloring page and let our kids go wild. Who knows how much impact this will make but I believe in a ripple affect and if this makes Grandma smile, it was worth it. We have some printable cards on our website that you can download and use for this project!

We encourage you to think of 1 person who might enjoy some sunshine and write them a letter, color them a picture, find a poem or a song and send it to them. Light is the absence of darkness so let's be a small light in someone's day and let them know we see them. 

Happy Sunday mama.

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