What's In Your Diaper Bag? (Liza Edition)

Packing your diaper bag can get confusing and overwhelming very easily (especially for a first-time mom). Most of us overpack and we end up carrying a 50-pound bag around all day...and then we wonder why our shoulders hurt at the end of the night! 

Your diaper bag should hold all the essentials for your baby and YOU and nothing more. We linked a video that we absolutely love from one of our favorite #rylamamas, Liza. She shows you how she packs her Rylapack like a #momboss, so check it out below!

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Veleda T.

I am a mother Of two kids I am trying to get back how I felt before I had kids I love my kids but sometimes you have to give yourself something nice so I brought The rylapack it help me to feel good about my self. It is a Beautiful bag and I love it..

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